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A Few New Things

Carpe Lanum

woolyRyan knitting

So much yarn, so little time!

A Few New Things

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woolyRyan knitting
I just finished up my Fylingdales Sweater from A Fine Fleece - sewed the buttons on today.
Fylingdales cardigan

I never knit things in the yarn and color that is shown in the pattern picture but this time around, I had the exact yarn and color in my stash. The weird thing though is that the pattern said that I would need 9 skeins of the Blackwater Abbey yarn and I ended up using 5 and a half of the 10 skeins that I had. I find it hard to believe that a sweater as big as the one I made only took 1200 yards but I have enough left over to make a vest or something. I think that the yarn must have been breeding while it was in my stash. : )

I also finished up a scarf done in basic seed stitch. I needed something simple to knit while my baby niece was napping on my lap. I recycled the yarn from a shawl that I knit a few years ago that I never wore- if I remember correctly, it was Mountain Colors Mountain Goat.
seed stitch scarf
  • (Anonymous)
    Your sweater turned out beautifully! I am glad you have extra of that lovely yarn to keep knitting with, what a fun surprise.
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