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Lots of Baby Surprise sweaters and a few dolls

Carpe Lanum

woolyRyan knitting

So much yarn, so little time!

Lots of Baby Surprise sweaters and a few dolls

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woolyRyan knitting
Our knitting guild has been doing a Baby Surprise sweater Knit-along and tonight is the night we show them all off.

So the pattern was slightly addictive and I knit up 5- mainly from stash yarn.

And I knit up a few more dolls- these are Professors Snape and Lupin:

And I couldn't resist this one. The mouse pattern is from "Knit 2 Together" and is called Mel's Mouse Family. I changed the outfit though- now he is a Chino Rat. : )

  • Rat

    Love the rat.

    Your sister,
  • Hi! I've been looking for a Snape doll knitting pattern and my search led me to this journal. Can you tell me where to get the pattern for the doll you show? It's fantastic! Thanks!
    • Thanks. I made Snape up. I highly modified the "Knit Your Own Rock Star" doll pattern from the Stitch and Bitch Nation book - mine is done top-down, in the round with actual feet. The clothes I kind of wing as I go.

      I do have the generic doll pattern written up but not the clothes.
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